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Aurélie Charon and Caroline Gillet originally worked together on a variety of radio shows about youth. Illustrator Amélie Bonnin joined the team in order to provide RadioLive with an original visual imagery for each performance. The idea was to bring young activists who they have been in contact with from all over the world together on stage – in the same place, at the same time. RadioLive is about commitment to ideas big and small: identity, minority rights, freedom and new modes of action. Participants form a network of support, inspiring one another. The RadioLive initiative operates like a radio show across three dimensions. At each performance Aurélie Charon and Caroline Gillet are the hosts, Amélie Bonnin draws live on stage and 3 to 4 young people from around the world share their stories and experience. There is discussion, art, and music. A generation of people who are determined to act even in the midst of uncertain environments come together to exchange ideas. They come from Gaza, Dakar, Sarajevo, New Delhi, Marseille and beyond. This is a generation of people who are sick of being spoken for, who are ready to take the microphone in their own hands.


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Algiers’ new generation I like Europe Welcome nouveau monde / Welcome New World Underground Democracy A French series Youth 2016


So that everyone can craft their stories with their own two hands, we conduct workshops on documentary stories. It comes down to making participants aware of a story, a testimony, a portrait, sound and images. Everyone is invited to collect words and to draw a portrait of someone using sound. From this sound material, we reflect together in a creative way on how to convey a true story

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2019 Lycée Costes de Bobigny, avec la MC93
2019 Groupe Récit de la MC93
2019 Groupes radio et image au TNB de Rennes
2019 Centre de détention des femmes à Rennes avec le TNB
2018 Groupe ouvert à Marseille avec Les Rencontres d’Averroès
2018 Lycée St Charles à Marseille, classe d’élèves primo arrivants avec Les Rencontres d’Averroès
2018 Lycée A. Nobel de Clichy-sous-bois avec la Maison des Métallos

Amélie Bonnin and Aurélie Charon directed La bande des Français, a 52-minute documentary with 4 young people living in France and participating in Radio Live; who together ask the question: Do we have to be alike to share a country?

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Aurélie Charon

Producer at France Culture, she hosts the radio show “Une vie d’artiste” (An artist’s life) and coordinates the radio creation space L’Expérience, broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 11pm. A graduate from Sciences Po Paris, Paris III and, the New York University, she has been producing documentary series on engaged youth for Radio France since 2011. She has initiated a long-term work on French youth with A French series (2015 France Inter), Youth 2016 (France Culture) and the film La Bande des Français (The Band of French) directed with Amelie Bonnin for France 3 (2017). The stories of all her encounters can be found in a book published by Éditions Iconoclaste. She founded and piloted the Radio Live production. She writes regularly for Liberation.

Caroline Gillet

Caroline Gillet is the producer of the documentary series Foule Continentale, broadcast on France Inter and RTBF on Sundays at 1:20 pm. She works on issues in today’s society, transmission between generations and cultures on common territories. After working on several series about youth in the world, Algiers, new generation, I like Europe and, Welcome Nouveau Monde, she created the project Radio Live with Aurélie Charon in 2013. In 2014/15, she produced a live radio show called “Tea Time Club” for France Inter, which was also adapted into a television documentary format for France 4. She also created “At your age” – a series that featured people different ages each week. She is an author at Actes Sud, collaborates on the podcast Transfert and is currently finishing a film on motherhood in France.

Amélie Bonnin

Artistic director and director, Amélie Bonnin’s work is at the crossroads of different disciplines. Depending on the project and in order to format stories, her role shifts between writing, shooting and drawing. Most importantly, she directed The Melody of the Butcher (Arte, 2013), and co-directed The French band with Aurélie Charon (52 min., France 3). In 2013, she created Radio Live with Aurélie Charon and Caroline Gillet, of which she is the artistic director. Graduate of ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, UQAM in graphic design and, the Workshop Scenario of the Fémis, she is currently preparing Partir un jour (Leave one day), her first short fiction film.